Get a target option. These options include default arguments to tar_target() such as packages, storage format, iteration type, and cue. Needs to be called before any calls to tar_target() in order to take effect.

tar_option_get(name = NULL, option = NULL)



Character of length 1, name of an option to get. Must be one of the argument names of tar_option_set().


Deprecated, use the name argument instead.


Value of a target option.


This function goes well with tar_target_raw() when it comes to defining external interfaces on top of the targets package to create pipelines.

See also


tar_option_get("format") # default format before we set anything
#> [1] "rds"
tar_target(x, 1)$settings$format
#> [1] "rds"
tar_option_set(format = "fst_tbl") # new default format tar_option_get("format")
#> [1] "fst_tbl"
tar_target(x, 1)$settings$format
#> [1] "fst_tbl"
tar_option_reset() # reset the format tar_target(x, 1)$settings$format
#> [1] "rds"
if (identical(Sys.getenv("TAR_EXAMPLES"), "true")) { tar_dir({ # tar_dir() runs code from a temporary directory. tar_script({ tar_option_set(cue = tar_cue(mode = "always")) # All targets always run. list(tar_target(x, 1), tar_target(y, 2)) }) tar_make() tar_make() }) }