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Provides functions to access historical and real-time national 'hydrometric' data from Water Survey of Canada data sources ( and and then applies tidy data principles.


To download the latest version of hydat please:

For more information on tidy data please see

For more information on HYDAT and ECCC data sources

  • Please see this description of the database

  • This page is landing page for technical description of HYDAT

  • This pdf links to a document that outlines database table definitions

  • This FAQ provides a helpful list of ECCC data source questions


Maintainer: Sam Albers (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • David Hutchinson [contributor]

  • Dewey Dunnington [contributor]

  • Ryan Whaley [contributor]

  • Province of British Columbia [copyright holder]

  • Government of Canada [data contributor]

  • Luke Winslow (Reviewed for rOpenSci) [reviewer]

  • Laura DeCicco (Reviewed for rOpenSci) [reviewer]