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Check cassette names


  pattern = "test-",
  behavior = "stop",
  allowed_duplicates = NULL



(character) regex pattern for file paths to check. this is done inside of tests/testthat/. default: "test-"


(character) "stop" (default) or "warning". if "warning", we use immediate.=TRUE so the warning happens at the top of your tests rather than you seeing it after tests have run (as would happen by default)


(character) cassette names that can be duplicated


Cassette names:

  • Should be meaningful so that it is obvious to you what test/function they relate to. Meaningful names are important so that you can quickly determine to what test file or test block a cassette belongs. Note that vcr cannot check that your cassette names are meaningful.

  • Should not be duplicated. Duplicated cassette names would lead to a test using the wrong cassette.

  • Should not have spaces. Spaces can lead to problems in using file paths.

  • Should not include a file extension. vcr handles file extensions for the user.

  • Should not have illegal characters that can lead to problems in using file paths: /, ?, <, >, \, :, *, |, and \"

  • Should not have control characters, e.g., \n

  • Should not have just dots, e.g., . or ..

  • Should not have Windows reserved words, e.g., com1

  • Should not have trailing dots

  • Should not be longer than 255 characters

vcr::check_cassette_names() is meant to be run during your tests, from a helper-*.R file inside the tests/testthat directory. It only checks that cassette names are not duplicated. Note that if you do need to have duplicated cassette names you can do so by using the allowed_duplicates parameter in check_cassette_names(). A helper function check_cassette_names() runs inside insert_cassette() that checks that cassettes do not have: spaces, file extensions, unaccepted characters (slashes).