Fix a discrepancy between the gear ratio of the motor arm used and the gear ratio recorded by software.

fix_GR(x, GR = 1)



A muscle_stim object


Gear ratio, set to 1 by default


An object of the same class(es) as the input (x). The function will multiply Position by (1/GR) and multiply Force by GR, returning an object with new values in $Position and $Force. Other columns and attributes are welcome and will simply be passed on unchanged into the resulting object.


The muscle_stim object can be of any type, including workloop, twitch, or tetanus.

If you have manually constructed the object via as_muscle_stim(), the muscle_stim object should have columns as follows:
Position: length change of the muscle;
Force: force

See also


Vikram B. Baliga


library(workloopR) # import the workloop.ddf file included in workloopR wl_dat <-read_ddf(system.file("extdata", "workloop.ddf", package = 'workloopR'), phase_from_peak = TRUE) # apply a gear ratio correction of 2 # this will multiply Force by 2 and divide Position by 2 wl_fixed <- fix_GR(wl_dat, GR = 2) # quick check: max(wl_fixed$Force) / max(wl_dat$Force) # 5592.578 / 2796.289 = 2
#> [1] 2
max(wl_fixed$Position) / max(wl_dat$Position) # 1.832262 / 3.664524 = 0.5
#> [1] 0.5