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dataaimsr 1.1.0

  • Added the capacity to download daily aggregated Sea Water Temperature Loggers dataset

dataaimsr 1.0.3

  • Added aims_* prefix to all exported functions

  • aims_data, aims_filter_values and aims_expose_attributes now take a string target rather than a string DOI as input argument

  • aims_data and aims_filter_values fail gracefully now if the input filter parameters are incorrect or there is no internet connection

  • aims_data_doi is now the non-exported data_doi

  • Important changes pertaining to aims_data:

  • Always returns a data.frame

  • Contains it’s own class called aimsdf which contains print, summary and plot methods

  • Contains three additional exposed helper functions which allow the user to extract metadata/citation/parameter attributes.

  • Example set has been reduced to a minimal amount

  • plot method for class aimsdf displays either a map or a time series

  • improved test coverage

dataaimsr 1.0.2

  • Implemented summary datasets for the Temperature Loggers dataset via aims_data

  • Implemented expose_attributes() to show which filters are accepted by the different datasets

  • restrict filter_values to expel info on sites, series and parameters only

  • Using parsedate to standardise date strings and account for time zone

  • Created new vignette explaining basic usage of package