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When fromJSON returns a list, format list names


update_format(results, doi)



A fromJSON list generated by json_results.


A Digital Object Identifier for a chosen AIMS data series


aims_data returns a data.frame of class aimsdf.

If summary %in% c("summary-by-series", "summary-by-deployment"), the output shows the summary information for the target dataset (i.e. weather or temperature loggers) (NB: currently, summary only works for the temperature logger database). If summary is not passed as an additional argument, then the output contains raw monitoring data. If summary = "daily", then the output contains mean daily aggregated monitoring data. The output also contains five attributes (empty strings if summary is passed as an additional argument):

  • metadataa DOI link containing the metadata record for the data series.

  • citationthe citation information for the particular dataset.

  • parametersThe measured parameters comprised in the output.

  • typeThe type of dataset. Either "monitoring" if summary is not specified, "monitoring (daily aggregation)" if summary = "daily", or a "summary-by-" otherwise.

  • targetThe input target.


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