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What is europepmc?:

europepmc facilitates access to Europe PMC RESTful Web Service. Europe PMC covers life science literature and gives access to open access full texts. Coverage is not only restricted to Europe, but articles and abstracts are indexed from all over the world. Europe PMC ingests all PubMed content and extends its index with other sources, including Agricola, a bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature, or Biological Patents.

Besides searching abstracts and full text, europepmc can be used to retrieve reference sections and citations, text-mined terms or cross-links to other databases hosted by the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI).

For more information about Europe PMC, see their current paper: Ferguson, C., Araújo, D., Faulk, L., Gou, Y., Hamelers, A., Huang, Z., Ide-Smith, M., Levchenko, M., Marinos, N., Nambiar, R., Nassar, M., Parkin, M., Pi, X., Rahman, F., Rogers, F., Roochun, Y., Saha, S., Selim, M., Shafique, Z., … McEntyre, J. (2020). Europe PMC in 2020. Nucleic Acids Research, 49(D1), D1507–D1514. doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa994 .


Maintainer: Najko Jahn [copyright holder]

Other contributors:

  • Maëlle Salmon [contributor]