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Calculate the proportion of a given value present within a raster. Useful for calculating land-cover or soil type proportions. Should be used with a categorical raster


prop(x, lc_class, ...)

# S3 method for winmove
prop(x, lc_class, d, type, ...)

# S3 method for numeric
prop(x, lc_class, ...)



numeric, winmove. The data over which to calculate the proportion


numeric. The class value to calculate the proportion of


further arguments passed to or from other methods


numeric. If type=circle, the radius of the circle (in units of the CRS). If type=rectangle the dimension of the rectangle (one or two numbers)


character. The shape of the moving window


If class(x) == "winmove", a smoothed raster with the proportion of cells of the given class calculated within the specified moving window

If class(x) == "numeric", a single value representing the proportion of values of a given class in x


# load required data

# convert data to object of class winmove
cat_ls <- new("winmove", cat_ls)
#> Error in slot(value, what): no slot of name "srs" for this object of class "RasterLayer"

# aggregate using a rectangular window with dimension 5 for class 3
d <- prop(cat_ls, d = 5, type = "rectangle", lc_class = 3)
#> Error in UseMethod("prop"): no applicable method for 'prop' applied to an object of class "c('RasterLayer', 'Raster', 'BasicRaster')"

# convert data to object of class numeric
cat_ls <- raster::values(cat_ls)
d <- prop(cat_ls, lc_class = 2)