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Smooth a raster surface using a moving window with a given function, radius and shape.


winmove(fine_dat, d, type = c("circle", "rectangle"), win_fun, ...)



The raster dataset on which to calculate the moving window function


numeric. If type=circle, the radius of the circle (in units of the CRS). If type=rectangle the dimension of the rectangle (one or two numbers).


The shape of the moving window


function. The function to apply. If not choosing one of the inbuilt grainchanger functions, the function should take multiple numbers, and return a single number. For example mean, modal, min or max. It should also accept a na.rm argument (or ignore it, e.g. as one of the 'dots' arguments. For example, length will fail, but function(x, ...){na.omit(length(x))} works. See Details


further arguments passed to or from other methods


RasterLayer. A smoothed raster with the moving window values calculated


grainchanger has several built-in functions. Functions currently included are:

  • wm_shei - Shannon evenness, requires the additional argument lc_class (vector or scalar)

  • wm_prop - Proportion, requires the additional argument lc_class (scalar)

  • wm_classes - Unique number of classes in a categorical landscape

  • var_range - Range (max - min)


# load required data

# calculate the moving window mean
d <- winmove(cont_ls, 5, "rectangle", mean)
#> Error in slot(value, what): no slot of name "srs" for this object of class "RasterLayer"

# calculate the moving window Shannon evenness
d <- winmove(cat_ls, 5, "rectangle", shei, lc_class = 1:4)
#> Error in slot(value, what): no slot of name "srs" for this object of class "RasterLayer"