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npi (development version)

npi 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2022-11-14


  • npi_flatten() is now covered by unit tests (#15 and #73).
  • npi_search() provides an informative error message when internet is off or the endpoint is unreachable (#52).
  • npi_search() now checks for legal use of special characters prior to submitting an API request (#53).
  • npi_search() now checks for legal use of wildcard characters prior to submitting an API request (#54).
  • User agent default now includes the installed package version (e.g., “npi/0.2.0”) (#55).
  • checkmate package is now in Imports rather than Suggests so tests are run on it (#57).
  • npi_search() now has test coverage for the case where empty results are returned (#59).
  • npi_search() now provides a message indicating how many records are being requested (#72).
  • npi_search() now handles epoch field conversion to date format, fixing a breaking API change. Thanks to @trang-n for reporting the problem (#74) and @parmsam for submitting a PR that fixed it (#75).


  • npi_summarize() now handles NPI records in which all provider taxonomy records have been flagged as non-primary (#51).
  • User functions are now backwards-compatible with tidyr <= 0.8.99 (#56).


  • Grouped the reference index to highlight the most important functions (#45).
  • Added API URL to DESCRIPTION file (#47).
  • Clarified description of the npis dataset (#48).
  • Added Advanced Use vignette (#49).
  • Clarified the API’s rate limitation (#50).
  • Removed unused internal functions delay_by() and remove_null() (#58).
  • Acknowledged rOpenSci reviewers, Emily Zabore (#63) and Mattias Grenié, in DESCRIPTION. Thanks! (#60)
  • README now clarifies that enumeration_type is returned, not provider_type (#64).
  • README warns that code results in README may not be reproducible since they reflect dynamic, stateful data (#65).
  • Vignettes organize search arguments by name instead of description (#66).
  • npi vignette details what npi_summarize() (#67) and npi_flatten() (#68) do.
  • REAMDE and npi vignette provide use cases for npi_is_valid() (#69).
  • npi_search() documentation now links to the NPPES data dictionary to help users understand the API results (#70).

npi 0.1.0 (2020-03-03)


  • Added package website
  • Added introductory vignette (#13) (#29) @parmsam
  • Added example to documentation of each exported function (#32)
  • npi_is_valid() now uses the checkLuhn package for Luhn checking (#34)
  • tidyr::unnest() now works with old and new versions of tidyr


  • Updated redirected URLs to new targets