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It converts bibliographic collections gathered from OpenAlex database into data frame. The function converts a collection of records about works, authors, institutions, venues or concepts obtained using oa_request into a data frame/tibble.


  options = NULL,
  count_only = FALSE,
  group_by = NULL,
  abstract = TRUE,
  verbose = TRUE



List. Output of oa_request.


Character. Scholarly entity of the search. The argument can be one of c("works", "authors", "institutions", "concepts", "funders", "sources", "publishers", "topics").


List. Additional parameters to add in the query. For example:

- `select` Character vector. Top-level fields to show in output. Defaults to NULL, which returns all fields.

- `sort` Character. Attribute to sort by. For example: "display_name" for sources or "cited_by_count:desc" for works. See more at <>.

- `sample` Integer. Number of (random) records to return. Should be no larger than 10,000. Defaults to NULL, which returns all records satisfying the query. Read more at <>.

- `seed` Integer. A seed value in order to retrieve the same set of random records in the same order when used multiple times with `sample`. IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on your query, random results with a seed value may change over time due to new records coming into OpenAlex. This argument is likely only useful when queries happen close together (within a day).


Logical. If TRUE, the function returns only the number of item matching the query. Defaults to FALSE.


Character. Attribute to group by. For example: "oa_status" for works. See more at <>.


Logical. If TRUE, the function returns also the abstract of each item. Ignored if entity is different from "works". Defaults to TRUE.


Logical. If TRUE, print information about the dataframe conversion process. Defaults to TRUE.


A tibble/dataframe result of the original OpenAlex result list.


if (FALSE) {

# Query to search all works citing the article:
#  Aria, M., & Cuccurullo, C. (2017). bibliometrix:
#   An R-tool for comprehensive science mapping analysis.
#   Journal of informetrics, 11(4), 959-975.

#  published in 2021.
#  The paper is associated to the OpenAlex id W2755950973.

#  Results have to be sorted by relevance score in a descending order.

query <- oa_query(
  entity = "works",
  cites = "W2755950973",
  from_publication_date = "2021-01-01",
  to_publication_date = "2021-04-30"

res <- oa_request(
  query_url = query,
  count_only = FALSE,
  verbose = FALSE

oa2df(res, entity = "works")