Use osf_cp() to make a copy of a file or directory in a new location.

osf_cp(x, to, overwrite = FALSE, verbose = FALSE)



An osf_tbl_file containing a single file or directory.


Destination where the file or directory will be copied. This can be one of the following:


Logical, if a file or directory with the same name already exists at the destination should it be replaced with x?


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages about interactions with the OSF API (default FALSE).


An osf_tbl_file containing the updated OSF file.


Note that a file (or directory) cannot be moved or copied onto itself, even if overwrite = TRUE.

See also

Other OSF file operations: osf_mkdir(), osf_mv(), osf_rm()


if (FALSE) { project <- osf_create_project("Flower Data") write.csv(iris, file = "iris.csv") data_file <- osf_upload(project,"iris.csv") # Create a new directory to copy our file to data_dir <- osf_mkdir(project, "data") # Copy the file to our data directory data_file <- osf_cp(data_file, to = data_dir) # Copy directory to new component data_comp <- osf_create_component(project, title = "data", category = "data") data_dir %>% osf_cp(to = data_comp) %>% osf_open() }