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Use osf_rm() to permanently delete a project, component, file or directory from OSF, including any uploaded files, wiki content, or comments contained therein. Because this process is irreversible, osfr will first open the item in your web browser so you can verify what is about to be deleted before proceeding.

If the project or component targeted for deletion contains sub-components, those must be deleted first. Setting recurse = TRUE will attempt to remove the hierarchy of sub-components before deleting the top-level entity.

Note: This functionality is limited to contributors with admin-level permissions.


osf_rm(x, recurse = FALSE, verbose = FALSE, check = TRUE)



One of the following:


Remove all sub-components before deleting the top-level entity. This only applies when deleting projects or components.


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages about interactions with the OSF API (default FALSE).


If FALSE deletion will proceed without opening the item or requesting verification---this effectively removes your safety net.


Invisibly returns TRUE if deletion was successful.

See also

Other OSF file operations: osf_cp(), osf_mkdir(), osf_mv()


if (FALSE) {
project <- osf_create_project("My Short-Lived Project")