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Use osf_mkdir() to add new directories to projects, components, or nested within existing OSF directories. If path contains multiple directory levels (e.g., "data/rawdata") the intermediate-level directories are created automatically. If the directory you're attempting to create already exists on OSF it will be silently ignored and included in the output.


osf_mkdir(x, path, verbose = FALSE)



One of the following:


Name of the new directory or a path ending with the new directory.


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages about interactions with the OSF API (default FALSE).


An osf_tbl_file with one row containing the leaf directory specified in path.

See also

Other OSF file operations: osf_cp(), osf_mv(), osf_rm()


if (FALSE) {
proj <- osf_create_project("Directory Example")

# add directory to the top-level of the Directory Example project
data_dir <- osf_mkdir(proj, path = "data")

# add a subdirectory nested within data/
osf_mkdir(data_dir, path = "rawdata")

# recursively create multiple directory levels within data/
osf_mkdir(data_dir, path = "samples/pcr/qc")