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pathviewr 1.1.0

  • New data cleaning functions added: set_traj_frametime(), get_traj_velocities(), clean_by_span(), remove_duplicate_frames(), and remove_vel_anomalies()
  • These new functions have not been thoroughly vetted nor have unit tests been written for them – please use with caution and report issues.

pathviewr 1.0.0

  • Package has been accepted by rOpenSci and is now hosted on ropensci/pathviewr
  • No changes to code since v0.9.5

pathviewr 0.9.5

  • Package has been updated to incorporate feedback from rOpenSci reviewers @asbonnetlebrun and @marcosci, along with editor @maelle. See here for more details: ropensci/software-review#409

pathviewr 0.9.4

  • We are targeting a submission to rOpenSci in the near future (hopefully today). This version of pathviewr has been prepped according to rOpenSci’s “Packages: Development, Maintenance, and Peer Review” guide.