pd_image() makes a spatial image plot of the specified prism data (single variable and time step.). It is meant for rapid visualization, but more detailed plots will require other methods.

prism_image() is the deprecated version of pd_image().

pd_image(pd, col = "heat")

prism_image(prismfile, col = "heat")


pd, prismfile

the name of a single file to be plotted, this is most easily found through prism_archive_ls() or prism_archive_subset().


the color pattern to use. The default is heat, the other valid option is "redblue".


Invisibly returns gg object of the image.

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if (FALSE) { get_prism_dailys( type = "tmean", minDate = "2013-06-01", maxDate = "2013-06-14", keepZip = FALSE ) # get June 5th pd <- prism_archive_subset("tmean", "daily", dates = "2013-06-05") # and plot it pd_image(pd) }