prism_archive_ls() lists all available prism data (all variables and all temporal periods) that are available in the local archive, i.e., they have already been downloaded and are available in prism_get_dl_dir(). prism_archive_subset() can be used to subset the archive based on specified variables and temporal periods.

ls_prism_data() is a deprecated version of prism_data_ls().


ls_prism_data(absPath = FALSE, name = FALSE)



TRUE if you want to return the absolute path.


TRUE if you want file names and titles of data products.


prism_archive_ls() returns a character vector.

ls_prism_data() returns a data frame. It can have 1-3 columns, but always has the files column. abs_path and product_name columns are added if absPath and name are TRUE, respectively.


prism_archive_ls() only returns the values found in the files column as returned by ls_prism_data(). To replicate the behavior of ls_prism_data(), use pd_get_name() and pd_to_file() with the output of prism_archive_ls()

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if (FALSE) { # Get prism data names, used in many other prism* functions get_prism_dailys( type="tmean", minDate = "2013-06-01", maxDate = "2013-06-14", keepZip = FALSE ) prism_archive_ls() }