pd_plot_slice() plots a slice of data at a single point location from the specified prism data.

prism_slice() is the deprecated version of pd_plot_slice().

pd_plot_slice(pd, location)

prism_slice(location, prismfile)


pd, prismfile

a vector of output from prism_archive_ls() or prism_archive_subset() giving a list of prism files to extract data from and plot. The latter is preferred as it will help ensure the prism data are from the same variable and temporal period.


a vector of a single location in the form of long,lat


A gg object of the plot for the requested location.


The user should ensure the prism data comes from a continuous data set and is made up of the same temporal period. Otherwise the plot will look erratic and incorrect.


if (FALSE) { ### Assumes you have a clean prism directory get_prism_dailys( type="tmean", minDate = "2013-06-01", maxDate = "2013-06-14", keepZip = FALSE ) p <- pd_plot_slice( prism_archive_subset("tmean", "daily", year = 2020), c(-73.2119,44.4758) ) print(p) }