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authors_georef This function takes the final author list from refine_authors, and calculates the lat long of the addresses. It does this by feeding the addresses into data science toolkit. In order to maximize effectiveness and mitigate errors in parsing addresses We run this multiple times creating addresses in different ways in hopes that the google georeferencing API can recognize an address 1st. University, city, zipcode, country 2nd. City, zipcode, country 3rd. city, country 4th. University, country


authors_georef(data, address_column = "address")



dataframe from authors_refine()


name of column in quotes where the addresses are


The output is a list with three data.frames addresses is a data frame with all information from refine_authors plus new location columns and calculated lat longs. missing addresses is a data frame with all addresses could not be geocoded addresses is a data frame like addresses except the missing addresses are gone.


if (FALSE) {
BITR_georef_df <- authors_georef(BITR_refined, address_column='address')