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This function takes an addresses data.frame, links it to an authors__references dataset and plots a network diagram generated for individual points of co-authorship.


  mapRegion = "world",
  lineResolution = 10,
  lineAlpha = 0.5



the address element from the list outputted from the authors_georef() function, containing geocoded address latitude and longitude locations.


what portion of the world map to show. possible values include "world", "North America", "South America", "Australia", "Africa", "Antarctica", "Eurasia"


the resolution of the lines drawn, higher numbers will make smoother curves default is 10.


transparency of the lines, fed into ggplots alpha value. Number between 0 - 1.


## Using the output of authors_georef (e.g., BITR_geocode)
## Plots the whole world
output <- plot_net_address(BITR_geocode)
#> Warning: `fortify(<SpatialPolygonsDataFrame>)` was deprecated in ggplot2 3.4.4.
#>  Please migrate to sf.
#>  The deprecated feature was likely used in the refsplitr package.
#>   Please report the issue at <>.
#> Regions defined for each Polygons

## Just select North America
output <- plot_net_address(BITR_geocode, mapRegion = 'North America')
#> Regions defined for each Polygons

## Change the transparency of lines by modifying the lineAlpha parameter
output <- plot_net_address(BITR_geocode, lineAlpha = 0.2)
#> Regions defined for each Polygons
## Change the curvature of lines by modifying the lineResolution paramater
output <- plot_net_address(BITR_geocode, lineResolution = 30 )
#> Regions defined for each Polygons
output <- plot_net_address(BITR_geocode, mapRegion = 'North America', lineAlpha = 0.2,
                 lineResolution = 30)
#> Regions defined for each Polygons