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Get NOAA buoy data from the National Buoy Data Center


buoy(dataset, buoyid, year = NULL, datatype = NULL, ...)


buoy_stations(refresh = FALSE, ...)



(character) Dataset name to query. See below for Details. Required


Buoy ID, can be numeric/integer/character. Required


(integer) Year of data collection. Optional. Note there is a special value 9999 that, if found, contains the most up to date data.


(character) Data type, one of 'c', 'cc', 'p', 'o'. Optional


Curl options passed on to crul::verb-GET Optional. A number of different HTTP requests are made internally, but we only pass this on to the request to get the netcdf file in the internal function get_ncdf_file()


(logical) Whether to use cached data (FALSE) or get new data (FALSE). Default: FALSE


If netcdf data has lat/lon variables, then we'll parse into a tidy data.frame. If not, we'll give back the ncdf4 object for the user to parse (in which case the data.frame will be empty).



  • buoy_stations - Get buoy stations. A cached version of the dataset is available in the package. Beware, takes a long time to run if you do refresh = TRUE

  • buoys - Get available buoys given a dataset name

  • buoy - Get data given some combination of dataset name, buoy ID, year, and datatype

Options for the dataset parameter. One of:

  • adcp - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data

  • adcp2 - MMS Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data

  • cwind - Continuous Winds data

  • dart - Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis data

  • mmbcur - Marsh-McBirney Current Measurements data

  • ocean - Oceanographic data

  • pwind - Peak Winds data

  • stdmet - Standard Meteorological data

  • swden - Spectral Wave Density data with Spectral Wave Direction data

  • wlevel - Water Level data



if (FALSE) {
if (crul::ok("", timeout_ms = 1000)) {

# Get buoy station information
x <- buoy_stations()
# refresh stations as needed, takes a while to run
# you shouldn't need to update very often
# x <- buoy_stations(refresh = TRUE)
if (interactive() && requireNamespace("leaflet")){
z <- leaflet(data = na.omit(x))
z <- leaflet::addTiles(z)
leaflet::addCircles(z, ~lon, ~lat, opacity = 0.5)

# year=9999 to get most current data - not always available
buoy(dataset = "swden", buoyid = 46012, year = 9999)

# Get available buoys
buoys(dataset = 'cwind')

# Get data for a buoy
## if no year or datatype specified, we get the first file
buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 46085)

# Including specific year
buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 41001, year = 1999)

# Including specific year and datatype
buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 45005, year = 2008, datatype = "c")
buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 41001, year = 1997, datatype = "c")

# Other datasets
buoy(dataset = 'ocean', buoyid = 41029)

# curl debugging
buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 46085, verbose = TRUE)

# some buoy ids are character, case doesn't matter, we'll account for it
buoy(dataset = "stdmet", buoyid = "VCAF1")
buoy(dataset = "stdmet", buoyid = "wplf1")
buoy(dataset = "dart", buoyid = "dartu")