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[Deprecated] By default, create_token() does three things: it creates an authentication "token", sets it as the default token for the current session, and save it to disk to make it the default for future sessions.

These three components have now been split up into three separate pieces: use rtweet_user()/rtweet_app()/rtweet_bot() to create the token, auth_as() to make it the default for this session, and auth_save() to use it in future sessions. See vignette("auth", package = "rtweet") for full details.


  app = "mytwitterapp",
  consumer_key = NULL,
  consumer_secret = NULL,
  access_token = NULL,
  access_secret = NULL,
  set_renv = TRUE



Name of user created Twitter application

consumer_key, consumer_secret

App API key and secret.

access_token, access_secret

Access token and secret.


Should the token be cached?


Twitter OAuth token(s) (Token1.0).

See also

Other tokens: get_token(), rate_limit()