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  • rate_limit() returns a tibble of info about all rate limits

  • rate_limit_reset() returns the next reset for a endpoint

  • rate_limit_wait() waits for the next reset for an endpoint

You should not need to use these function in the usual operation of rtweet because all paginated functions will wait on your behalf if you set retryonratelimit = TRUE.


rate_limit(resource_match = NULL, token = NULL)

rate_limit_reset(endpoint, token = NULL)

rate_limit_wait(endpoint, token = NULL)



An optional regular expression used to filter the resources listed in returned rate limit data.


Use this to override authentication for a single API call. In many cases you are better off changing the default for all calls. See auth_as() for details.


Name of Twitter endpoint like "lookup/users", "/media/upload", or "/feedback/show/:id".



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