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ruODK is an R Client for the ODK Central API.

Please see the ruODK website for full documentation:

ruODK is "pipe-friendly" and re-exports \%>\% and \%||\%, but does not require their use.


Maintainer: Florian W. Mayer [email protected] (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • Maëlle Salmon [email protected] (ORCID) [reviewer]

  • Karissa Whiting (ORCID) [reviewer]

  • Jason Taylor [reviewer]

  • Marcelo Tyszler (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Hélène Langet (ORCID) [contributor]

  • DBCA [copyright holder, funder]

  • NWSFTCP [funder]