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stantargets (development)

stantargets 0.1.1

Other changes

  • Remove temporary files generated CmdStan.
  • Add the new description arguments of tar_target() (`targets >=
  • Append model file information to the target descriptions using tar_map() (tarchetypes >=

stantargets 0.1.0

stantargets 0.0.6

  • Implement resilient rep-specific seeds that do not change if the batching structure changes.

stantargets 0.0.5

stantargets 0.0.4

  • Support the repository argument for targets >= 0.11.0.
  • Append a new .dataset_id column to target outputs to aid in model comparisons across the same datasets.

stantargets 0.0.3

  • Update docs to changes in cmdstanr, posterior, and targets.

stantargets 0.0.2

  • Reference JOSS paper.

stantargets 0.0.1


  • Return the executable file after the Stan source file in model compilation targets.
  • Replace the log argument with stdout and stderr (#23).
  • Switch meaning of %||% and %|||% to conform to historical precedent.


  • Join on data to summary output using .join_data in the Stan data (#18).
  • Pre-compile models for testing and add an environment variable to skip tests that always force recompilation (#19).
  • Load packages for any target computing summaries.


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.