Read a project's target progress data for the most recent run of the pipeline and display the tabulated status of dynamic branches. Only the most recent record is shown.

  names = NULL,
  fields = NULL,
  store = targets::tar_config_get("store")



Optional, names of the targets. If supplied, tar_progress() only returns progress information on these targets. You can supply symbols or tidyselect helpers like starts_with().


Optional, names of progress data columns to read. Set to NULL to read all fields.


Character of length 1, path to the targets data store. Defaults to tar_config_get("store"), which in turn defaults to _targets/. When you set this argument, the value of tar_config_get("store") is temporarily changed for the current function call. See tar_config_get() and tar_config_set() for details about how to set the data store path persistently for a project.


A data frame with one row per target per progress status and the following columns.

  • name: name of the pattern.

  • progress: progress status: "started", "built", "cancelled", or "errored".

  • branches: number of branches in the progress category.

  • total: total number of branches planned for the whole pattern. Values within the same pattern should all be equal.

See also


if (identical(Sys.getenv("TAR_EXAMPLES"), "true")) { tar_dir({ # tar_dir() runs code from a temporary directory. tar_script({ list( tar_target(x, seq_len(2)), tar_target(y, x, pattern = map(x)), tar_target(z, stopifnot(y < 1.5), pattern = map(y)) ) }, ask = FALSE) try(tar_make()) tar_progress_branches() }) }