Create the url argument of tar_resources() to specify optional settings for URL storage formats. See the format argument of tar_target() for details.

tar_resources_url(handle = NULL)



Object returned by curl::new_handle or NULL.


Object of class "tar_resources_url", to be supplied to the url argument of tar_resources().


Functions tar_target() and tar_option_set() each takes an optional resources argument to supply non-default settings of various optional backends for data storage and high-performance computing. The tar_resources() function is a helper to supply those settings in the correct manner. Resources are all-or-nothing: if you specify any resources with tar_target(), all the resources from tar_option_get("resources") are dropped for that target. In other words, if you write tar_option_set(resources = resources_1) and then tar_target(x, my_command(), resources = resources_2), then everything in resources_1 is discarded for target x.

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if (identical(Sys.getenv("TAR_EXAMPLES"), "true")) { # Somewhere in you target script file (usually _targets.R): tar_target( name, command(), format = "url", resources = tar_resources( url = tar_resources_url(handle = curl::new_handle()) ) ) }