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Depending the degree of resolution and specific roles of nomenclature, strings containing taxon usage names (scientific names) are constructed with different parts. A string with names can be consequently split into those elements, meanwhile the number of elements may suggest the taxonomic ranks.

This function is a wrapper of strsplit(), while name element can be re-pasted if indicated in argument repaste.


dissect_name(x, split = " ", fixed = TRUE, repaste, ...)



A character vector containing taxon names.

split, fixed, ...

Arguments passed to strsplit().


An integer vector indicating the elements of the name selected for the output.


A character matrix with as many rows as names in the input vector. If repaste is indicated, then the output will be a character vector.

See also


Miguel Alvarez


# A list of variety names
sp_list <- subset(x = Easplist, subset = Level == "variety", slot = "relations")
sp_list <- accepted_name(sp_list)[c(1:10), "TaxonName"]

# split name
#>       [,1]          [,2]            [,3]   [,4]               
#>  [1,] "Euphorbia"   "inaequilatera" "var." "dentata"          
#>  [2,] "Oldenlandia" "corymbosa"     "var." "caespitosa"       
#>  [3,] "Pilea"       "usambarensis"  "var." "veronicifolia"    
#>  [4,] "Trifolium"   "semipilosum"   "var." "glabrescens"      
#>  [5,] "Pentas"      "lanceolata"    "var." "nemorosa"         
#>  [6,] "Stachys"     "aculeolata"    "var." "aculeolata"       
#>  [7,] "Pimpinella"  "oreophila"     "var." "kilimandscharica" 
#>  [8,] "Cyperus"     "denudatus"     "var." "lucenti-nigricans"
#>  [9,] "Achyranthes" "aspera"        "var." "sicula"           
#> [10,] "Digitaria"   "diagonalis"    "var." "uniglumis"        

# re-paste the two first words (species name)
dissect_name(sp_list, repaste = c(1:2))
#>  [1] "Euphorbia inaequilatera" "Oldenlandia corymbosa"  
#>  [3] "Pilea usambarensis"      "Trifolium semipilosum"  
#>  [5] "Pentas lanceolata"       "Stachys aculeolata"     
#>  [7] "Pimpinella oreophila"    "Cyperus denudatus"      
#>  [9] "Achyranthes aspera"      "Digitaria diagonalis"