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Retrieve the content of slot taxonRelations from a taxlist object or replace it by a new data frame.


taxon_relations(taxlist, ...)

# S3 method for taxlist
taxon_relations(taxlist, ...)

taxon_relations(taxlist, ...) <- value

# S3 method for taxlist
taxon_relations(taxlist, ...) <- value

# S4 method for taxlist,numeric
update_concept(taxlist, ConceptID, ...)



A taxlist object.


Further arguments passed among methods.


A data.frame object to be set as slot taxonRelations.


Concept IDs to be updated.


An object of class taxlist with added names and concepts.


The replacement method taxon_relations<- should be only used when constructing taxlist objects from an empty one (prototype).

New concepts should be first added to a taxlist object using their respective accepted names. Synonyms can be further provided using the function add_synonym().

Additional named vectors can be provided to be included in slot taxonNames, in the cases where those variables already exist, otherwise they will be ignored.

It is recommended also to provide a concept view as ViewID (see taxon_views()). For adding a new view, use add_view().

See also


Miguel Alvarez


## Subset for the genus Euclea and display of slot 'taxonNames'
Euclea <- subset(x = Easplist, subset = charmatch("Euclea", TaxonName),
  slot = "names", keep_children = TRUE)
#> object size: 7 Kb 
#> validation of 'taxlist' object: TRUE 
#> number of taxon usage names: 3 
#> number of taxon concepts: 2 
#> trait entries: 0 
#> number of trait variables: 1 
#> taxon views: 3 
#> concepts with parents: 1 
#> concepts with children: 1 
#> hierarchical levels: form < variety < subspecies < species < complex < genus < family 
#> number of concepts in level form: 0
#> number of concepts in level variety: 0
#> number of concepts in level subspecies: 0
#> number of concepts in level species: 1
#> number of concepts in level complex: 0
#> number of concepts in level genus: 1
#> number of concepts in level family: 0
#>      TaxonConceptID AcceptedName Basionym Parent   Level ViewID
#> 267             269          269       NA  55707 species      1
#> 3537          55707        55709       NA     NA   genus     NA