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Check a package using rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck(), which ultimately calls R CMD check.


  warnings_are_errors = NULL,
  notes_are_errors = NULL,
  args = NULL,
  build_args = NULL,
  error_on = "warning",
  repos = repo_default(),
  timeout = Inf,
  check_dir = "check"



Ignored, used to enforce naming of arguments.

warnings_are_errors, notes_are_errors

Deprecated, use error_on.


Passed to rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck().

Default for local runs: c("--no-manual", "--as-cran").

Default for Windows: c("--no-manual", "--as-cran", "--no-vignettes", "--no-build-vignettes", "--no-multiarch").

On GitHub Actions option "--no-manual" is always used (appended to custom user input) because LaTeX is not available and installation is time consuming and error prone.


Passed to rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck().
Default for local runs: "--force".
Default for Windows: c("--no-build-vignettes", "--force").


Whether to throw an error on R CMD check failures. Note that the check is always completed (unless a timeout happens), and the error is only thrown after completion. If "never", then no errors are thrown. If "error", then only ERROR failures generate errors. If "warning", then WARNING failures generate errors as well. If "note", then any check failure generated an error.


Passed to rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck(), default: repo_default().


Passed to rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck(), default: Inf.


Path specifying the directory for R CMD check. Defaults to "check" for easy upload of artifacts.

Updating of (dependency) packages

Packages shipped with the R-installation will not be updated as they will be overwritten by the R-installer in each build. If you want these package to be updated, please add the following step to your workflow: add_code_step(remotes::update_packages("<pkg>")).


#>  Creating a clean tic stage configuration
#>  See `?tic::dsl_get` for details

get_stage("script") %>%
  add_step(step_rcmdcheck(error_on = "note", repos = repo_bioc()))

#> ── tic configuration summary ───────────────────────────────────────────────────
#> ── Stage: script ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
#>  step_rcmdcheck(error_on="note", repos=repo_bioc())