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Provides a way to describe common build and deployment workflows for R-based projects: packages, websites (e.g. blogdown, pkgdown), or data processing (e.g. research compendia). The recipe is described independent of the continuous integration tool used for processing the workflow (e.g. 'GitHub Actions' or 'Circle CI'). This package has been peer-reviewed by rOpenSci (v0.3.0.9004).


The use_tic() function prepares a code repository for use with this package. See DSL for an overview of tic's domain-specific language for defining stages and steps, step_hello_world() and the links therein for available steps, and macro for an overview over the available macros that bundle several steps.


Maintainer: Patrick Schratz (ORCID)


Other contributors:

  • Max Held (Max reviewed the package for ropensci, see <>) [reviewer]

  • Anna Krystalli (Anna reviewed the package for ropensci, see <>) [reviewer]

  • Laura DeCicco (Laura reviewed the package for ropensci, see <>) [reviewer]

  • rOpenSci [funder]