Updates YAML templates to their latest versions. Currently only GitHub Actions and Circle CI templates are supported.

update_yml(template_in = NULL, template_out = NULL)



Path to template which should be updated. By default all standard template paths of GitHub Actions or Circle CI will be searched and updated if they exist. Alternatively a full path to a single template can be passed.


Where the updated template should be written to. This is mainly used for internal testing purposes and should not be set by the user.


By default all workflow files starting with tic are matched. This means that you can have multiple YAML files with update support, e.g. "tic.yml" and "tic-db.yml".

Formatting requirements of tic YAML templates

To ensure that updating of tic templates works, ensure the following points:

  • Your template contains the type (e.g. linux-matrix-deploy) and the revision date in its first two lines.

  • When inserting comments into custom code blocks, only one-line comments are allowed. Otherwise the update heuristic gets in trouble.

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if (FALSE) { # auto-search update_yml() update_yml("tic.yml") # custom named templates update_yml("custom-name.yml") # full paths update_yml("~/path/to/repo/.github/workflows/tic.yml") }