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This function is exported so that developers can add their own props in new packages, without needing to re-implement the prop and script classes themselves. It is not expected that end users will need this function.


unifir_prop(prop_file, method_name, method_type, parameters, build, using)



The system location for the C# template file


The name of the method, in C# code


The type of the method (usually matches its file name); scripts can have multiple versions of the same method, each with different method_name values, all sharing the same method_type.


Method-specific parameters, typically used in the build stage.


A function that takes three arguments, script, prop, and debug, and uses those to construct the C# method.


A character vector of imports required for the method.


An R6 object of class unifir_prop


This function will check each argument for correctness. To be specific, it performs the following checks:

  • prop_file must be either a waiver object (created by waiver) or a file path of length 1 pointing to a file that exists

  • method_name will be automatically generated if not existing. If it exists, it must be a character vector of length 1

  • method_type must be a character vector of length 1

  • build must be a function with the arguments script, prop, and debug (in that order, with no other arguments). Any other arguments needed by your build function should be passed as prop parameters.

  • using must be a character vector (of any length, including 0)

If your prop needs data or arguments beyond these, store them as a list in parameters, which is entirely unchecked.

The debug argument

When Sys.getenv(unifir_debugmode) returns anything other than "", action runs in "debug mode". In addition to setting exec and write to FALSE in action, this mode also attempts to disable any prop functionality that would make changes to the user's disk -- no files or directories should be altered. In this mode, action will pass debug = TRUE as an argument to your prop; your prop should respect the debug mode and avoid making any changes.


  prop_file = waiver(), # Must be a file that exists or waiver()
  method_name = NULL, # Auto-generated if NULL or NA
  method_type = "ExampleProp", # Length-1 character vector
  parameters = list(), # Not validated, usually a list
  build = function(script, prop, debug) {},
  using = character(0)
#> <unifir_prop>
#>   Public:
#>     build: function (script, prop, debug) 
#>     clone: function (deep = FALSE) 
#>     initialize: function (prop_file, method_name, method_type, parameters, build, 
#>     method_name: SpreadOhFamousBird
#>     method_type: ExampleProp
#>     parameters: list
#>     prop_file: waiver
#>     using: