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Differences from BatchGetSymbols

Package BatchgetSymbols was developed back in 2016, with many bad structural choices from my part. Since then, I learned more about R and its ecosystem, resulting in better and more maintainable code. However, it is impossible to keep compatibility with the changes I wanted to make, which is why I decided to develop a new (and fresh) package.

Here are the main differences between yfR (new) and BatchGetSymbols (old):

  • All input arguments are now formatted as “snake_case” and not “”. For example, the argument for the first date of data importation in yfR::yf_get() is first_date, and not, as used in BatchGetSymbols::BatchGetSymbols.

  • A new feature called “collection”, which allows for easy download of a collection of tickers. For example, you can download price data for all components of the SP500 by simply calling yfR::yf_collection_get("SP500").

  • All function have been renamed for a common API notation. For example, BatchGetSymbols::BatchGetSymbols is now yfR::yf_get(). Likewise, the function for fetching collections is yfR::yf_collection_get().

  • The output of yfR::yf_get() is always a tibble with the price data (and not a list as in BatchGetSymbols::BatchGetSymbols). If one wants the tibble with a summary of the importing process, it is available as an attribute of the output (see function base::attributes)

  • New and prettier status messages using package cli