• EndoMineR has evolved both as a project and as a code base It is now fully Git compliant allowing real collaboration The functions have been hugely simplified. The text preparation for example is not just one function ‘textPrep’ which means the user can concentrate more on the higher order function. The whole package has now becaome more lexicon-centric meaning that the term mapping, spell correction etc is all guided by the prepackaged lexicons. The lexicons act as a dictionary for the package to look up (eg ‘RFA’ and ‘HALO’ is mapped to ‘Radiofrequency ablation’). The lexions are likely to grow and further work is underway to expand different sub-speciality lexicons useing the United Medical Language System. Several further modules are being developed for subspecialties. The Barrett’s functions have grown as have the polyp functions. Further work is underwy for inflammatory bowel disease and ERCP. The data visualisation functions have become more streamlined so that all graphs adhere to publication ready specifications A template project has been included so the user can see how to run a script from question to abstract creation. The template project also using standardised project infrastructure so the user has a head start in using best practice for project development. And there is so much more to come….