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docker image for ReLTER package (


Run RStudio with preinstalled ReLTER package through Docker.

Install a different branch of ReLTER package

Edit the script and modify the last line, using the name of your preferred branch as the ref= parameter value:

R -e "devtools::install_github('',ref = '<branchName>',dependencies = FALSE)"

Build the image

docker build . -t rocker_relter


Run locally on port 8080 (change port as you like). You can change “yourpasswordW with the password you prefer.

docker run -d -e PASSWORD=yourpassword -p 8080:8787 rocker_relter

Open browser at localhost:8080 and login with

user: rstudio
password: youpassword

Preserve your work (use a docker volume)

When you stop a docker container, the files created within it are lost. In order to preserve your work across different runs, link a local volume (in this example, the current working directory, $(pwd)) to the container:

docker run -d -v $(pwd):/home/rstudio -e PASSWORD=yourpassword -p 8080:8787 rocker_relter

Precompiled image on docker hub

You can also use the precompiled image from docker hub:

docker pull ptagliolato/rocker_relter
docker run -d -e PASSWORD=yourpassword -p 8080:8787 ptagliolato/rocker_relter