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Based on the filename of eBird Basic Dataset (EBD) or sampling event data, determine the version (i.e. release date) of this EBD. Also determine the corresponding taxonomy version. The eBird taxonomy is updated annually in August.


auk_ebd_version(x, check_exists = TRUE)



filename of EBD of sampling event data file, auk_ebd object, or auk_sampling object.


logical; should the file be checked for existence before processing. If check_exists = TRUE and the file does not exists, the function will raise an error.


A list with two elements:

  • ebd_version: a date object specifying the release date of the EBD.

  • taxonomy_version: the year of the taxonomy used in this EBD.

Both elements will be NA if an EBD version cannot be extracted from the filename.

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auk_ebd_version("ebd_relAug-2018.txt", check_exists = FALSE)
#> $ebd_version
#> [1] "2018-08-01"
#> $taxonomy_version
#> [1] 2018