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Get the taxonomy used in eBird via the eBird API.


get_ebird_taxonomy(version, locale)



integer; the version (i.e. year) of the taxonomy. The eBird taxonomy is updated once a year in August. Leave this parameter blank to get the current taxonomy.


character; the locale for the common names, defaults to English.


A data frame of all species in the eBird taxonomy, consisting of the following columns:

  • scientific_name: scientific name.

  • common_name: common name, defaults to English, but different languages can be selected using the locale parameter.

  • species_code: a unique alphanumeric code identifying each species.

  • category: whether the entry is for a species or another field-identifiable taxon, such as spuh, slash, hybrid, etc.

  • taxon_order: numeric value used to sort rows in taxonomic order.

  • order: the scientific name of the order that the species belongs to.

  • family: the scientific name of the family that the species belongs to.

  • report_as: for taxa that can be resolved to true species (i.e. species, subspecies, and recognizable forms), this field links to the corresponding species code. For taxa that can't be resolved, this field is NA.

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