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This package depends on the version of the EBD and on the eBird taxonomy. Use this function to determine the currently installed version of auk, the version of the EBD that this auk version works with, and the version of the eBird taxonomy included in the packages. The EBD is update quarterly, in March, June, September, and December, while the taxonomy is updated annually in August or September. To ensure proper functioning, always use the latest version of the auk package and the EBD.




A list with three elements:

  • auk_version: the version of auk, e.g. "auk 0.4.1".

  • ebd_version: a date object specifying the release date of the EBD version that this auk version is designed to work with.

  • taxonomy_version: the year of the taxonomy built in to this version of auk, i.e. the one stored in ebird_taxonomy.


#> $auk_version
#> [1] "auk 0.7.0"
#> $ebd_version
#> [1] "2023-10-25"
#> $taxonomy_version
#> [1] 2023