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Convert a character representing a BibTeX entry to a cff_ref_lst object.


cff_read_bib_text(x, encoding = "UTF-8", ...)



A vector of character objects with the full BibTeX string.


Encoding to be assumed for x, see readLines().


Arguments passed on to cff_read_bib().


An object of classes cff_ref_lst, cff according to the definitions.references specified in the Citation File Format schema. Each element of the cff_ref_lst object would have classes cff_ref, cff.


This is a helper function that writes x to a *.bib file and reads it with cff_read_bib().

This function requires bibtex (>= 0.5.0) and uses bibtex::read.bib().

See also

cff_read_bib() for reading *.bib files.

Other functions for working with BibTeX format: as_bibentry(), cff_read(), cff_write_bib(), encoded_utf_to_latex()

Other functions for reading external files: cff_read()


if (requireNamespace("bibtex", quietly = TRUE)) {
  x <- c(
      title        = {Relativity: The Special and the General Theory},
      author       = {Einstein, Albert},
      year         = 1920,
      publisher    = {Henry Holt and Company},
      address      = {London, United Kingdom},
      isbn         = 9781587340925
      title        = {Handing out random pamphlets in airports},
      author       = {Joe-Bob Missilany},
      year         = 1984,
      month        = oct,
      note         = {This is a full MISC entry},
      howpublished = {Handed out at O'Hare}

#> - type: book
#>   title: 'Relativity: The Special and the General Theory'
#>   authors:
#>   - family-names: Einstein
#>     given-names: Albert
#>   year: '1920'
#>   publisher:
#>     name: Henry Holt and Company
#>     address: London, United Kingdom
#>   isbn: '9781587340925'
#> - type: generic
#>   title: Handing out random pamphlets in airports
#>   authors:
#>   - family-names: Missilany
#>     given-names: Joe-Bob
#>   year: '1984'
#>   month: '10'
#>   notes: This is a full MISC entry
#>   medium: Handed out at O'Hare