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Adds a Tabular Data Resource to a Data Package. The resource will be a Tabular Data Resource. The resource name can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters plus ., - and _.


add_resource(package, resource_name, data, schema = NULL, delim = ",", ...)



Data Package object, created with read_package() or create_package().


Name of the Data Resource.


Data to attach, either a data frame or path(s) to CSV file(s):

  • Data frame: attached to the resource as data and written to a CSV file when using write_package().

  • One or more paths to CSV file(s) as a character (vector): added to the resource as path. The last file will be read with readr::read_delim() to create or compare with schema and to set format, mediatype and encoding. The other files are ignored, but are expected to have the same structure and properties.


Either a list, or path or URL to a JSON file describing a Table Schema for the data. If not provided, one will be created using create_schema().


Single character used to separate the fields in the CSV file(s), e.g. \t for tab delimited file. Will be set as delimiter in the resource CSV dialect, so read functions know how to read the file(s).


Additional metadata properties to add to the resource, e.g. title = "My title", validated = FALSE. These are not verified against specifications and are ignored by read_resource(). The following properties are automatically set and can't be provided with ...: name, data, path, schema, profile, format, mediatype, encoding and dialect.


Provided package with one additional resource.

See also

Other edit functions: get_schema(), remove_resource()


# Load the example Data Package
package <- example_package

# List resources
#> [1] "deployments"  "observations" "media"       

# Create a data frame
df <- data.frame(
  multimedia_id = c(
  x = c(718, 748),
  y = c(860, 900)

# Add resource "positions" to the Data Package, from the data frame
package <- add_resource(package, "positions", data = df)

# Add resource "positions_2" to the Data Package, with user-defined schema
# and title
my_schema <- create_schema(df)
package <- add_resource(
  data = df,
  schema = my_schema,
  title = "Positions"

# Add resource "observations_2" to the Data Package, from CSV file paths
path_1 <- system.file("extdata", "observations_1.csv", package = "frictionless")
path_2 <- system.file("extdata", "observations_2.csv", package = "frictionless")
package <- add_resource(package, "observations_2", data = c(path_1, path_2))

# List resources ("positions", "positions_2", "observations_2" added)
#> [1] "deployments"    "observations"   "media"          "positions"     
#> [5] "positions_2"    "observations_2"