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lingtypology package connects R with the Glottolog database (v. 4.8) and provides additional functionality for linguistic mapping. The Glottolog database contains the catalogue of the world’s languages. This package helps researchers to make linguistic maps, using philosophy of the Cross-Linguistic Linked Data project, which uniform access to the data across publications. This package is based on leaflet package, so lingtypology package is a package for linguistic interactive mapping. You also might be interested in looking into some alternatives to lingtypology:

  • lingtypology in Python by Michael Voronov;
  • glottospace – R package for the geospatial analysis based on Glottolog by Sietze Norder et al;
  • lingtypr – R package which partially intersects with lingtypology functionality by Laura Becker;
  • glottoTrees – R package for visualising and modifing glottolog trees by Erich Round


Get the stable version from CRAN:


… or get the development version from GitHub:


Sometimes installation failed because of the absence of the package crosstalk. Just install it using command install.packages("crosstalk").

Load a library:

For a detailed tutorial see GitHub pages.

You can contribute to lingtypology, but look through contribution info before.