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The magick package for graphics and image processing in R. Important resources:


Documentation is split into the following pages:

  • analysis - metrics and calculations: compare, fft

  • animation - manipulate or combine multiple frames: animate, morph, mosaic, montage, average, append, apply

  • attributes - image properties: comment, info

  • color - contrast, brightness, colors: modulate, quantize, map, transparent, background, colorize, contrast, normalize, enhance, equalize, median

  • composite - advanced joining: composite, border, frame

  • device - creating graphics and drawing on images

  • editing - basic image IO: read, write, convert, join, display, brose

  • effects - fun effects: despecle, reducenoise, noise, blur, charcoal, edge, oilpaint, emboss, implode, negate

  • geometry - specify points, areas and sizes using geometry syntax

  • ocr - extract text from image using tesseract package

  • options - list option types and values supported in your version of ImageMagick

  • painting - flood fill and annotating text

  • transform - shape operations: trim, chop, rotate, resize, scale, sample crop, flip, flop, deskew, page