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The goal of pkgreviewr is to facilitate rOpenSci reviewers in their package reviews.

It creates a review project containing populated templates of all the files you’ll need to complete your review. It also clones the source code of the package under review to a convenient location, allowing easy checking and testing.

See Getting started vignette for more details


You can install pkgreviewr from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


pkgreviewr functions clone the source code of the package under review so require Git to be installed.

GitHub user configuration

Because rOpenSci reviews are conducted through github repository ropensci/software-review, pkgreviewr uses your GitHub username to prepopulate various fields in the review project files.

To detect your username correctly, a PAT, Personal Authorisation Token, needs to be set up. You can use usethis::create_github_token() to generate a PAT and usethis::edit_r_environ() to store it as environment variable GITHUB_PAT or GITHUB_TOKEN in your .Renviron file. For more info, see article on publishing review on GitHub in pkgreviewr documentation.

If you do not have a PAT set up, you will receive an warning and any fields related to your GitHub username will not be correctly populated. However, this shouldn’t affect your ability to complete your review.

R Notebooks

The package currently also makes use of R Notebooks (an RMarkdown format) and requires installation of Rstudio version 1.0 or higher, but we are considering offering an option to remove the requirement for RStudio.

Review workflow

1. Create and initialise review project

pkgreview_create(pkg_repo = "ropensci/rdflib", 
                 review_parent = "~/Documents/workflows/rOpenSci/reviews/")

The review project directory will contain all the files you’ll need to complete the review and will be initialised with git.

├── index.Rmd
└── rdflib-review.Rproj

2. Perform review

Open index.Rmd and work through the review in the notebook. You can make notes either in index.Rmd or directly in the response template.

3. Submit review

Submit your review in the package ropensci/software-review issue by copying and pasting the completed template.

4. Publish review*

OPTIONAL: Publish your review on GitHub. See vignette for further instructions

pkgreviewr for editors

pkgreviewr can now also be used to set up projects for editor checks. See pkgreviewr for editors vignette.

Please note that ‘pkgreviewr’ is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.