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pkgreviewr now also provides templates for editors.


                 review_parent = "~/Documents/workflows/rOpenSci/editorials/",
                 template = "editor",
                 issue_no = 262)

As with initialising a review, the repo is downloaded into review_parent.

It also creates a pkgreviewr project containing editor related templates:

├── index.Rmd
├── nlrx-review.Rproj
└── request.Rmd


Similar to a review project, index.Rmd is a pre-populated notebook where initial editor checks can be performed

This file contains the editor checks response template


This contains a prepopulated parametarised .Rmd for generating request emails. The parameters it accepts are:

  • person’s name
  • some friendly banter
  • whether JOSS submission is involved


to render the document by first launching a form in the browser to enter parameter values. Alternatively, you can manually edit the YAML header with parameter values and knit.