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The output of odata_submission_get for a set of example data. A tidy tibble referencing the attachments included in the vignettes and documentation at a relative path attachments/media/<filename>.<ext>.


See system.file("extdata", "FloraQuadrat04.xml", package = "ruODK") and odata_submission_get.


The parsed OData response for the submissions of an ODK Central form. This form represents a Flora Quadrat, which is a ca 50 by 50 m quadrat of a uniform plant community.

The XML and .odkbuild versions for this form are available as system.file("extdata", "FloraQuadrat04.xml", package = "ruODK") and system.file("extdata", "FloraQuadrat04.odkbuild", package = "ruODK"), respectively.

This data is kept up to date with the data used in vignettes and package tests. The data is comprised of test records with nonsensical data. The forms used to capture this data are development versions of real-world forms.