pid = get_default_pid(),
  fid = get_default_fid(),
  url = get_default_url(),
  un = get_default_un(),
  pw = get_default_pw(),
  retries = get_retries(),
  orders = c("YmdHMS", "YmdHMSz", "Ymd HMS", "Ymd HMSz", "Ymd", "ymd"),
  tz = get_default_tz()



The numeric ID of the project, e.g.: 2.

Default: get_default_pid.

Set default pid through ru_setup(pid="...").

See vignette("Setup", package = "ruODK").


The alphanumeric form ID, e.g. "build_Spotlighting-0-8_1559885147".

Default: get_default_fid.

Set default fid through ru_setup(fid="...").

See vignette("Setup", package = "ruODK").


The ODK Central base URL without trailing slash.

Default: get_default_url.

Set default url through ru_setup(url="...").

See vignette("Setup", package = "ruODK").


The ODK Central username (an email address). Default: get_default_un. Set default un through ru_setup(un="..."). See vignette("Setup", package = "ruODK").


The ODK Central password. Default: get_default_pw. Set default pw through ru_setup(pw="..."). See vignette("Setup", package = "ruODK").


The number of attempts to retrieve a web resource.

This parameter is given to RETRY(times = retries).

Default: 3.


(vector of character) Orders of datetime elements for lubridate.

Default: c("YmdHMS", "YmdHMSz", "Ymd HMS", "Ymd HMSz", "Ymd", "ymd").


A timezone to convert dates and times to.

Read vignette("setup", package = "ruODK") to learn how ruODK's timezone can be set globally or per function.


A tibble containing some high-level details of the form submissions. One row per submission, columns are submission attributes:

    * instance_id: uuid, string. The unique ID for each submission.
    * submitter_id: user ID, integer.
    * created_at: time of submission upload, dttm
    * updated_at: time of submission update on server, dttm or NA

See also


if (FALSE) { # Set default credentials, see vignette("setup") ruODK::ru_setup( svc = paste0( "https://sandbox.central.getodk.org/v1/projects/14/", "forms/build_Flora-Quadrat-0-2_1558575936.svc" ), un = "[email protected]", pw = "..." ) sl <- submission_list() sl %>% knitr::kable(.) fl <- form_list() # submission_list returns a tibble class(sl) # > c("tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame") # Submission attributes are the tibble's columns names(sl) # > "instance_id" "submitter_id" "device_id" "created_at" "updated_at" # Number of submissions (rows) is same as advertised in form_list form_list_nsub <- fl %>% filter(fid == get_test_fid()) %>% magrittr::extract2("submissions") %>% as.numeric() nrow(sl) == form_list_nsub # > TRUE }