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Tools for Spell Checking in R

Spell checking common document formats including latex, markdown, manual pages, and description files. Includes utilities to automate checking of documentation and vignettes as a unit test during ‘R CMD check’. Both British and American English are supported out of the box and other languages can be added. In addition, packages may define a ‘wordlist’ to allow custom terminology without having to abuse punctuation.

Spell Check Single Files

The function spell_check_files automatically parses known text formats and only spell checks text blocks, not code chunks.

spell_check_files('', lang = 'en_US')
#   WORD       FOUND IN
# AppVeyor
# RStudio

For more information about the underlying spelling engine and how to add support for other languages, see the hunspell package.


Spell Check a Package

Spell check documentation, description, readme, and vignettes of a package:

# DESCRIPTION does not contain 'Language' field. Defaulting to 'en-US'.
#   WORD          FOUND IN
# ECMA          V8.Rd:16, description:2,4
# emscripten    description:5
# htmlwidgets   JS.Rd:16
# JSON          V8.Rd:33,38,39,57,58,59,121
# jsonlite      V8.Rd:42
# Ooms          V8.Rd:41,121
# th            description:3
# Xie           JS.Rd:26
# Yihui         JS.Rd:26

Review these words and then whitelist them:

# The following words will be added to the wordlist:
#  - ECMA
#  - emscripten
#  - htmlwidgets
#  - JSON
#  - jsonlite
#  - Ooms
#  - th
#  - Xie
#  - Yihui
# Are you sure you want to update the wordlist?
# 1: Yes
# 2: No

Then these will no longer be marked as errors:

Automate Package Spell Checking

Use spell_check_setup() to add a unit test to your package which automatically runs a spell check on documentation and vignettes during R CMD check if the environment variable NOT_CRAN is set to TRUE. By default this unit test never fails; it merely prints potential spelling errors to the console.

# Adding 'Language: en-US' to DESCRIPTION
# No changes required to /Users/jeroen/workspace/V8/inst/WORDLIST
# Updated /Users/jeroen/workspace/V8/tests/spelling.R

Note that the NOT_CRAN variable is automatically set to 1 on Travis and in devtools or RStudio, otherwise you need to set it yourself: