Tools for Spell Checking in R

Spell checking common document formats including latex, markdown, manual pages, and description files. Includes utilities to automate checking of documentation and vignettes as a unit test during ‘R CMD check’. Both British and American English are supported out of the box and other languages can be added. In addition, packages may define a ‘wordlist’ to allow custom terminology without having to abuse punctuation.

Spell Check Single Files

The function spell_check_files automatically parses known text formats and only spell checks text blocks, not code chunks.

For more information about the underlying spelling engine and how to add support for other languages, see the hunspell package.


Automate Package Spell Checking

Use spell_check_setup() to add a unit test to your package which automatically runs a spell check on documentation and vignettes during R CMD check if the environment variable NOT_CRAN is set to TRUE. By default this unit test never fails; it merely prints potential spelling errors to the console.

Note that the NOT_CRAN variable is automatically set to 1 on Travis and in devtools or RStudio, otherwise you need to set it yourself: