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This function can be used to download a Station Inventory CSV file from Environment and Climate Change Canada. This is only necessary if the station you're interested was only recently added. The 'stations' data set included in this package contains station data downloaded when the package was last compiled. This function may take a few minutes to run.


stations_dl(skip = NULL, verbose = FALSE, quiet = FALSE)



Numeric. Number of lines to skip at the beginning of the csv. If NULL, automatically derived.


Logical. Include progress messages


Logical. Suppress all messages (including messages regarding missing data, etc.)


The stations list is downloaded from the url stored in the option weathercan.urls.stations. To change this location use options(weathercan.urls.stations = "your_new_url").

The list of which stations have climate normals is downloaded from the url stored in the option weathercan.urls.stations.normals. To change this location use options(weathercan.urls.normals = "your_new_url").

Currently there are two sets of climate normals available: 1981-2010 and 1971-2000. Whether a station has climate normals for a given year range is specified in normals_1981_2010 and normals_1971_2000, respectively.

The column normals represents the most current year range of climate normals (i.e. currently 1981-2010)


if (FALSE) { # check_eccc()

# Update stations data frame

# Updated stations data frame is now automatically used