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Returns stations that match the name provided OR which are within dist km of the location provided. This is designed to provide the user with information with which to decide which station to then get weather data from.


  name = NULL,
  coords = NULL,
  dist = 10,
  interval = c("hour", "day", "month"),
  normals_years = NULL,
  normals_only = NULL,
  stn = NULL,
  starts_latest = NULL,
  ends_earliest = NULL,
  verbose = FALSE,
  quiet = FALSE



Character. A vector of length 1 or more with text against which to match. Will match station names that contain all components of name, but they can be in different orders and separated by other text.


Numeric. A vector of length 2 with latitude and longitude of a place to match against. Overrides lat and lon if also provided.


Numeric. Match all stations within this many kilometres of the coords.


Character. Return only stations with data at these intervals. Must be any of "hour", "day", "month".


Character. One of NULL (default), current, 1981-2010, or 1971-2000. current returns only stations from most recent normals year range. Default NULL does not filter by climate normals. Specific year ranges return stations with normals in that period. See Details for more specifics.


DEPRECATED. Logical. Return only stations with climate normals?


DEFUNCT. Now use stations_dl() to update internal data and stations_meta() to check the date it was last updated.


Numeric. Restrict results to stations with data collection beginning in or before the specified year.


Numeric. Restrict results to stations with data collection ending in or after the specified year.


Logical. Include progress messages


Logical. Suppress all messages (including messages regarding missing data, etc.)


Returns a subset of the stations data frame which match the search parameters. If the search was by location, an extra column 'distance' shows the distance in kilometres from the location to the station. If no stations are found withing dist, the closest 10 stations are returned.


To search by coordinates, users must make sure they have the sp package installed.

The current, most recent, climate normals year range is 1981-2010.


if (FALSE) { # check_eccc()

stations_search(name = "Kamloops")
stations_search(name = "Kamloops", interval = "hour")

stations_search(name = "Ottawa", starts_latest = 1950, ends_earliest = 2010)

stations_search(name = "Ottawa", normals_years = "current")   # 1981-2010
stations_search(name = "Ottawa", normals_years = "1981-2010") # Same as above
stations_search(name = "Ottawa", normals_years = "1971-2000") # 1971-2010

if(requireNamespace("sf")) {
  stations_search(coords = c(53.915495, -122.739379))